ARTS FOR A BETTER WORLD is more than any arts exhibition or art fair

ARTS FOR A BETTER WORLD is a show with a clear unifying message and a deep artistic soul.

It is a unique THOUGHT-PROVOKING show presenting galleries, from all over the world, showcasing works of artists that want to contribute to A Better World by inspiring all generations concerned with the future of our World.

It is a show that brings awareness to the need for responsibility on all our parts to ensure our future.

In addition to a fine art exhibition where works of art from all around the world will be for sale, corporate and institutional partners will also enjoy the opportunity to interact with the public via workshops, conferences, receptions, artistic live happenings, in an elegantly designed exhibition space with extended visiting hours.


ARTS FOR A BETTER WORLD invites leaders, thinkers, artists, scientists, celebrities, politicians, educators, adults and children to embrace this powerful message offered by the universal language of art.