Special artistic projects

ARTS FOR A BETTER WORLD has elected to present The Van Gogh's Dream

in first exclusivity in MIAMI, during ART BASEL Week, thus creating innovative and meaningful events, and unique interactions within a special pavilion dedicated

to The Van Gogh's Dream, sharing for the first time with the general public, collectors, art lovers and opinion-makers the various elements pertaining to Van Gogh's Dream

The Van Gogh's Dream will be presented in a dedicated Pavilion to honor the artist and his particularly strong and essential footprint on art history
  • The exact volumes (75 square feet) of Van Gogh's Room # 5 at Auberge Ravoux will be reconstituted in the most spectacular manner. Guests will be invited to enter the room in small groups to feel the intimate core of the artist's creativity
  • The entire pavilion will be designed to allow visitors to discover the life and work of one of the most important painters in the history of art
  • Videos of the life of Van Gogh will be projected, a new IPAD application will be unveiled and made available to the public
  • Guests and visitors will also discover an exhibition from contemporary artists paying homage to Van Gogh, with unique works of arts created on the actual « torchons » (rags) from Auberge Ravoux, the very same ones that Van Gogh sometimes used in lieu of canvas
  • Various entertaining and educative events, including a VIP Van Gogh Dinner (bringing together the press, opinion-makers and collectors), guided tours, conferences, book signings, workshops for adults and children… will take place every day during the show
Tous Ensemble (All Together)

Marc Ash is a young French artist who lives and works in Paris. In 2002, after having read a book called "the pianist", he decided to create a multi-support installation of 50 pieces (paintings/sculptures/installations).

This ample and generous installation condemns all types of violence and intolerance, using an abstract and non-violent, though very emotional contemporary artistic language.

The title of this exhibition is "Tous Ensemble", best translated by "All Together".

After 6 months of intense and intimate thinking, Marc Ash started to create, supported by the fact that his art could also serve a universal cause. His main objective was to present through the world artistic scene a real pedagogic tool to educate children as well as adults and to share the memory, not in a violent, but rather in an emotional and intimate way.

ARTS FOR A BETTER WORLD has elected to present the latest works of ALL TOGETHER in first exclusivity in MIAMI, during ART BASEL Week, to share with the public a meaningful art exhibition dedicated to tolerance and remembrance.

This special project will be saluted by a VIP cocktail on November 28. 2011, 1 day before the official opening of the fair.
  • Since his first exhibition in Milan in 2003, more than 500,000 children and students have seen Marc's works in various museums all over the world. Every time this special exhibition was presented, Marc Ash received a warm and enthusiastic welcome from the press, collectors, the artistic community and of course the public
  • The exhibition has travelled to Madrid, Toronto, Montreal, New York, St Petersburg, Mexico, Moscow and will be travelling to Venice and Miami in 2011.